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In this blog article I’m going to be covering the basics of Virtual Private Networking and reviewing the service provided by CactusVPN     

Can't play the game you like because the game publisher is blocking your IP or country? If that is the case then one solution is to use a VPN service like cactus vpn Service because it will hide your IP. This will allow you to access and play the game without any more problems. Sometimes game publishers would block or restrict players of a certain country or region from accessing the games they publish. This usually happens when the games have local publishers operating in that country or region. For example, the North American publisher of Vindictus blocks access to players outside of North America because the game has local publishers in other countries. (Can’t Access Your Game? Use CactusVPN Service) Unfortunately, some players prefer to play in the global or international server of the games they like but, because they’re countries or IPs are blocked, these players have no choice but to play in their own country servers. Now, what if the game these players want to play has no local server or local publisher? Why are they still not allowed to play the game they like? A good example of this is Hellgate: Eternity. The publisher IP blocked players from the Philippine from accessing the game because Hellgate has servers in Korea and Japan. Sounds reasonable, right? Yes, if the players know Korean or Japanese but if they don’t then it’s very unreasonable simply because of the language barrier. The good news is, bypassing these blocks is easy. All they need is a VPN service like the one offered by cactus VPN Service and these so called country or IP blocks are history. CactusVPN Service works by hiding their own country IP. What the game server will see is the IP assigned to them by CactusVPN. This will allow these players to login to their accounts and play the game. Of course, a VPN service like cactus VPN is not only for getting access to the games they want to play. It’s also great for those people who want to keep their online information private and secure. So, check out CactusVPN Service today to learn more great things about it. What is a VPN? Basically, an online Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a number of computers (or discrete networks) connected collectively over a public network-namely, the web. Businesses and Individuals use VPNs for connecting to remote datacentres, and people may use VPNs to obtain access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a means for securing and protecting their communications when they’re using an untrusted public network. Also….VPNS can also be used to gain access to networks which maybe their ISP blocks Choosing a Good VPN There is an insane amount of VPNS on the web to choose from and deciding which one is best for you can be a daunting task, lucky enough the fact you’ve found this blog post we should be able to give you an indication of whom you can try. Taking a look at CactusVPN I have tried many VPN networks and most are slower than they advertise, accessing websites such as Netflix with constant buffering issues is simply not fun never mind not fit for purpose. Recently I found a VPN service provided by a company called CactusVPN, of which I highly recommend. One of the best things about the CactusVPN Service is the vast network   Connect to their servers in the United States, United Kingdom or the Netherlands.  Your server access is dependent on which VPN plan you subscribe to during the sign up process.  Those who like to try before they buy will be pleased to know that a 24 hours free trial is on offer, giving you full access to the range of services offered by CactusVPN during the trial period. While nowhere near as generous as that offered by some providers, this is still very welcome, and allows you to test the service out before handing over any hard earned cash.The CactusVPN website is very smart and professional looking.Signing up for the free trial takes seconds, and all that is asked for is a name and email address. If you go forward and purchase the service, then a few more details are required.
Hope you have enjoyed this article and i hope you go and try CactusVpn you will not regret it !!!  VISIT SITE BY CLICKING HERE